What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the name for the process of having a “virtual visit” with your doctor. A telemedicine visit is basically a video chat with your doctor so that you can speak to each other “face-to-face” just like a real visit. You can have a telemedicine visit in the comfort of your own home!

Why are you offering telemedicine?

Telemedicine technology has been available for a long time, but most insurers have not provided coverage for these services. The current situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced people to stay at home as much as possible, and insurance companies have reacted by offering coverage for telemedicine. Since it is best not to travel to the doctor’s office if possible, telemedicine allows you to see your doctor while staying in your own house.

What do I need to participate in a telemedicine appointment?

All you need for a successful telemedicine visit is an internet connection, an email address, and a computer with a webcam. You can also use a tablet (like an iPad) or a modern cellphone (like an iPhone or Android). If you can use your device for Facetime or Skype, you can use it for telemedicine.

Is telemedicine covered by my insurance?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance plans are covering telemedicine services for both new and established patients just like regular office visits. We also offer discounted self-pay rates for patients without health insurance.

How long will you be offering telemedicine at Precision Digestive Care?

We will offer telemedicine for as long as necessary during these uncertain times. Once a visit to the doctor’s office is deemed safe again by public health authorities, we plan to continue to use telemedicine for patients that do not want to travel to the office for routine issues.

How do I make an appointment for a telemedicine visit?

You can call us at (631)350-6077 during normal business hours or use the contact form and we will get right back to you!

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